Atlanta Strip Clubs

Atlanta Strip Clubs

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Confessions From Inside the Strip Club

By Jasmine

How much did you make a night on average?

I make on average $300 to $500 per night. If you’re not making that, try another club or maybe stripping isn’t for you. It’s all about having a good customer base and knowing how to stagger them. The worst thing ever is having two really good customers come in at the same time. You can kill yourself trying to go back and forth between them, but ultimately one or both will feel neglected and it can cost you in the long run.

What do you think about when you are dancing?

I know you want to hear that I’m thinking something sexy but honestly I’m think about giving a really good dance so I can get another from him. Or I’m scoping the room for my next prospect. But I’m always counting down for the song to end. It’s not like I’m having a bad time, but time is money.

What does your boyfriend/husband think of you dancing?

Well that would be my boyfriend. He doesn’t mind it because he knows it’s a job. Plus every now and then I bring a girl home for a threesome. So there are perks for him.

Are there a lot of lesbian dancers?

I would say those who fool around with other girls are just bisexual. I’ve never worked with a straight lesbian. At least not that I know of. Probably if word got out that a girl was a lesbian it would turn off customers. At least in my opinion. Now bi on the other hand, guys love that shit!

What are some of the drawbacks of stripping?

Well there can be a lot of drawbacks. A lot of drinking goes on. And lots of smoking and second hand smoke. Having difficulties maintaining relationships, late nights and being on a different schedule than the rest of the world, difficulty relating to non-stripper friends, dealing with assholes. The list goes on and on. But then you have the good things about stripping. Smoking anytime while at work, drinking while at work, no alarm clocks to wake up to, and basically being paid to talk and dance. How bad is that?

Where have you worked?

Roosters, Club Blaze, Pleasers, Magic City

Confessions From Inside the Strip Club is a feature containing true material from the personal experiences of adult entertainers, bouncers, and others who either work at or are associated with strip clubs. The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or positions of