Did Dancers Really “Win” When it comes to Their 6.5 Million Settlement


More than 28,000 exotic dancers at Déjà Vu clubs across the country will share in a $6.5-million settlement under a class-action lawsuit settlement pending in federal court in Detroit.

So that comes out to LESS THAN A COUPLE HUNDRED BUCKS PER DANCER.  But hey, now these strip club dancers will be employees of the clubs rather than being independent contractors…that’s a good thing, right?

Nope. Club owners are ECSTATIC over having dancers as employees of strip clubs because it gives them more control and the owners will be raking in much more of the dancers hard earned money. The “who is paying who” in the club has flipped and unbeknownst to the dancers, they are on the losing end.

BEFORE as independent contractors to strip clubs, dancers paid a “house fee” to work (in Atlanta strip clubs, anywhere from $25 to $100. The amount goes up the later the dancer comes into work) and tipped out DJ, floormen, bartenders, house mom, etc. The rest of the cash they kept for themselves. So you might tip out $100 give or take, but it’s all relevant to what you make.

NOW as strip club employees, the club will pay the “service industry minimum wage” which is a little over $2 per hour and will pay each employee a very small fraction from each dance they perform. They will also get a small fraction of their drink sales. So instead of just selling dances for themselves, they are now responsible for selling alcohol for the club too. The law states that the service industries just have to ensure every employee earns the minimum wage per hour which is $7 and change.

This ruling also gives the clubs much needed control over their employees. Before dancers had the flexibility of working when they chose. Now the clubs can legally put dancers on schedules and enforce them, as well as legally fine them for not coming in.

So basically the dancers are the losers of this class-action lawsuit they brought on. As an exotic dancer in Atlanta strip clubs, I could never do this to the clubs I’ve worked for.  The dancers in that suit should be grateful they were given the opportunity to make thousands of dollars instead of flipping burgers at McDonalds. Talk about biting the hand that feeds them.  And look who won, the club owners and the attorneys who will be collecting a hefty fee. The entertainers sold out for a couple hundred bucks. Good job ladies.